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Khamis, 2 Februari 2012

I’m back!

It has been more than a year since I last updated my blog. The truth is I got pregnant which I only noticed in January 2011. My second son was born healthily on September 18, 2011. We named him Ahmad Zharif. His 2-year-old brother (then, now turning 3) is Ameer Zikri. We love AZ as initial. "A" is the first letter of my husband's third name while "Z" is the first letter of my second name. Furthermore, A is the first letter and Z is the last letter in alphabetical order. Our new family member brings so much joy to our joyous small family. Our little man is now 4 month old.

My first son delivered through C-sect. Alhamdulillah; Allah gave me the strength to have a normal delivery for my second son. It was a wonderful and miraculous. If anybody would ask me how hurt and hard it was, I would say that I know the pain was unbearable. However, I never can tell you how it felt because the happiness of seeing the baby being hand over to my arm is more than anything else does.
My passion towards gardening is always there in one lonely corner of my heart. So does my hobby of reading. However, these two things require patience and time. I have neither of those. I am now a working mother with two little boys. I am proud of whom I am and happy that I am someone that is reliable to. I do have other hobbies. One is sewing beads and sequins on my baju kurung and cooking (especially baking). I love cooking. One hobby that will benefit the stomach of others (and win the heart as well).
I have target in baking. My first target is to bake seven recipes of cupcakes! Yeah! Therefore, I have cupcake for everyday. (Grinning). Then the number will change to twelve (for twelve months of the year). Then it goes two 52 (cupcakes for every week). Later, perhaps 365 recipes? Crossing fingers. So far, I've baked one. I am going to post the recipe later (when I got time).


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