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Rabu, 27 Jun 2012

Lactogenic food - Boosting Production, Improving Quality

A few weeks ago, when my milk production is starting to deteriorate, my friend suggested checking on when I ate at that time and when my milk supply was abundant. I realise that I was no longer eating healthily. I consumed more coffee and tea then than before. I spent the first two months of Zharif’s life at my parent’s place. 

Selasa, 19 Jun 2012

Fish Rice Porridge with Carrots for My Baby

This morning, and also yesterday, I made fish rice porridge with carrots for Zharif. As usual, I made extra which I pack for his lunch half of the portion while store it in the freezer the remaining portion for his dinner. Apparently, the humble rice porridge turned out to be very delicious and smells good too. I added salt and some pepper to the portion that supposedly to be chilled and packed as my breakfast. 

Baby's Bread Pudding with Banana

I made bread pudding with banana last Sunday in my brand new red ramequin. This time I prepared a pictorial version of the recipe. A few of friends asked me to include step-by-step pictures on the food in the making. I will try my best. This is so easy; it required only three main ingredients. Give it a try mommy. 

In a clean and dry ramequin, grease the inner surface with some unsalted butter.

Fill in the ramequin with diced sandwich bread. I used two slices for two ramequins.

Then, top the bread cubes with diced banana.

Pour in fresh milk enough to almost covering the bread. Poke a few times to allow the bread cubes to absorb the milk. Set aside for a few allowing the bread to absorb the milk.

While on that, prepare the steamer. Steam the pudding mixture for 15-20 minutes. Or, you can also bake until the bread no longer stick to your fork when poke.

Enjoy it while it is warm or cold. It’s yummy and I am going to make another version of bread pudding with (of course) sugar and salt in it for me! No sugar and salt for babies, okay! 

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My 3 mo. Chili plant

This is my three months old chili plant. This is not the only chili I had, but this is the only one I had it planted in a big pot. A few others are still the small seedling pots, waiting for their time to be transferred to a bigger pot. This time I plan to grow my vegetables only in pots. The area at my green yard is quite big. However, the soil is infertile. There are too many works to do in making sure that the patch is in the best condition to grow a plant. I don't think I have time to attend that matter.

Khamis, 14 Jun 2012

2012 Resolution - 1st Halves Achievement

Have you achieve your personal resolution for this year? I have. My resolution was to exclusively breastfeed my baby boy for at least six months of his life. And from there we go to my next resolution that is to continue breastfeeding him until his first birthday. He is turning nine month next week and three more months to go for his birthday.
Talking about resolution, I remembered that I also wanted to bake cupcake as much as I can this year. Looks like I have a lot of baking to do the next six months. Oh my! There's another 11 more to go! Yikes!
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Rabu, 13 Jun 2012

Little Things I {hope} will never forget about you…Ameer Zikri

Ameer turned three recently. I found myself missing most of his very tiny achievements in life which is supposed to be big for me as his mother. These are the little things I took for granted. Today, I am going to make a list on his achievements so I will never forget. I love you son, with all my heart.

Sabtu, 9 Jun 2012

Packing Home Made Solid Food for The Little One

We are off to Malacca, The Historical City for 2 days. I brought along my boys and husband. I'm here for an official meeting and had to bring along the kids since it's weekend and it is not possible for my husband to handle the kids all alone.

Since my baby boy refuse to eat processed baby food, I had to figure out ways to pack home cooked solid food for him.What I did was, boiled potatoes cube, sweet pumpkin cube, baby peas and plain rice porridge. For the potatoes, sweet pumpkin and baby peas, drain the water completely and set aside to cool before putting on the container lid.

When completely cool, store the in cooler bag with ice pack. Store the cool plain rice porridge as well. Bring along a few packs of unsalted butter as flavoring. I avoid using animal base flavoring ie. chicken stock since it will spoil faster with out proper reheating.

Store the food ration in hotel room mini fridge immedietly after checking in. Before serving the food to the baby, take out only the portion you wanted. Immerse with hot water for 5-8 minutes and drain. Mash the vegetables with same butter and serve. Lucky my baby's weaning bowl comes with these tiny texture that allow food to be mashed easily.

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Jumaat, 8 Jun 2012

The Revival Of A Neglected Garden

When we first moved to this house almost 3 years ago, I already had a few herbs namely curry leaves, kaffir lime and turmeric planted in pots. Later, I planted lemongrass, chili centil and water pepper.

Rabu, 6 Jun 2012

No Cream Cheese Red Velvet Cupcake

Lately, a few friends in my Facebook’s friends list keep posting photos of red velvet cupcake. I couldn’t bear the temptations. However, I have another dilemma on this, to get ready made cupcake or bake my own. I've bake my own red velvet quite a couple of time. I love the simple recipe which I got from TheCakeMistress .com.

Oldman's greenyard

My father turned 58 this year. He retired from his 36 years teaching profession two years ago and been a busier man ever since. As the more hair going grey every day, there’s one thing that has never change with him. That is his passion towards gardening.

I remember vividly when I was a small girl, my father worked hard making in our backyard garden to feast his passion. Back then, I used to munch into fresh cucumber just like that. He grew cucumber, bitter gourd, lady’s finger and many more. Believe it or not, the size of the cucumber is as big as an adult’s calf. There were too much for us. Therefore, we shared the harvest with our neighbors.
These are photos of my father’s green yard I took the last weekend. The Chinese celery bushes are the lushest.
He also grew basil which he took the seed secretly from Hospital Putrajaya’s herbal garden when I was admitted there two years ago. I think this one is the 5th or 6th generation grown here.
Here are some lemon grass bushes. My father once said “A (Malay) house is not complete without lemon grass bush”. I have four bushes of lemon grass grown at my yard. I didn’t even remember the last time I bought lemon grass stalk for cooking. My aunt from village even surprised I had lemon grass grown at the back of my kitchen (which she did have any), ready for home cooked every day meal.
These two young seedlings are ajwain’s. Again, my father secretly took the seed from a mature plant at Cameron Highland’s MARDI. At first, I was skeptical on the ability of the plant to survive in the hotter climate in the lowland. Surprisingly, it survived. Can’t wait to see they grow to bigger plant. Through my readings, ajwain or bishop’s seed are mainly used as herb in Pakistani’s cooking. It is also believe as one of lactogenic food. I will definitely try to cook a few dishes using this herb.
I think this one is lime tree. My father enjoys sipping chilled lime drinks in a hot weather evening.
Turmeric is one of many herbs in my father's green yard. Either the rhizomes or leaves are great for flavoring and coloring in almost Malay dishes.
This is one big ginger torch plant. The height of it has almost exceeding the tip of my parent’s house. It has produced a lot of flowers which my mother always uses it as one of main ingredients in making Assam dishes. I also planted one at my home and still a long way to go to reach this big. Mine was still two feet tall.
This empty plot was used to be filled with kailan, kangkung, round cabbage, chili, brinjal and many more. However, it was left bare unattended since December last year when my father had an accident. His leg was badly injured when one of the backpack grass cutter’s blade snapped and cut his right calf. It cut almost 70% through major blood vein in his calf. More than that, the doctor may have to amputate his right leg. That was his second time. The first time was almost 12 years ago where he injured his right toe.

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