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Isnin, 19 Mac 2012

Beautiful Duo

After giving birth to my second child, I hardly had time to tend my garden. I tried to manage my time efficiently so any of my office works and house chores would never be left. This month I manage to take care of my potted garden and bring it back to my must do list. On that Saturday morning,
I saw my peachy Amaryllis blooms. I planted the bulb more than a year ago. Only now it flowered. Probably I didn’t care much about it. After a month diligently watering the potted plants every day and feeding them with liquid fertilizer, the plants have finally decided to grant me these beautiful flowers. A perfect blooming companion for the Amaryllis is my sexy silky red hibiscus. This red hibiscus is one of the early members of the fellowship of potted plants in my garden. It never did disappoint me. Love you both!

Peachy Amaryllis

Sexy red hibiscus


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