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Rabu, 24 November 2010

Growing food.

There is a nice plot at the back of my house. It has been an empty plot since the day we move in about more than a year ago. I always wanted to plant my vegetable there. It would be a great idea to grow your food. When we first move in, my husband was away for work about six months. I was alone with our little boy then. Therefore, there is not much time to spend for gardening. For that reason, I skipped the plan for a while. Later, after two months being together again, it’s my turn to leave home for work about seven months. Once again, the plan has delayed. Now, we are together again. I feel great to be at home after leaving home and your loved ones for such a long time.

Back to the plan. It has been almost three months. A lot of arrangement been made with the vegetable garden. Last month in October, I planted kangkung, chilies, turmeric, ginger, curry leaves, lime and lemongrass. They look great so far. This month, my cabbage, broccoli, carrot and tomato seeds germinated. The seedlings had emerged. However, the tomato seedling didn’t survive after a few leaves. I frustrated a few times but I constantly keep my positive thought. I look forward for a new seedling to emerge later this week after sowing once again last Sunday.

I will post some photos of my garden to keep track the progress of my vegetable garden.


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