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Jumaat, 26 November 2010

The Debut.

It was raining yesterday. Instead of watering the plant as usual, I decided to snap some photos of them. Looks like a few of the seeds I sowed last weekend has making their first appearance.
After a few attempts of sowing the corn, two seedlings finally emerged from the soil. I sowed 10 of them. It was exciting though I marvel where the rest of the seed had disappeared. Perhaps they still are preparing themselves for this special introduction. I reckon the ants ate them. I’ll wait.

The chilies I planted months ago started to bloom last weekend. One or two shot fail to sprout any chilies. However yesterday I saw a number of chilies begins taking shapes. These might be my first harvest.

The growths of my cabbages seedling are quite convincing. True leaves appeared. Seeds I sowed directly on the ground develop better than the seeds I sowed in a pot. They survived the hot weather when I left home for a week. However, the one I placed at the shady area still haven’t produced any true leave. I transferred the pot yet no positive progress seen. For that reason, I decided to chuck it off and disseminate other seeds.

Other special appearance today is my garden little helper.


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