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Khamis, 13 Januari 2011

My Garden’s Color Palettes

My Garden Color Wheel
I have nothing much to say today. I've been busy lately in the office and at the house as well. Last weekend, we made a few new arrangements in the small room downstairs' and resuming spring-cleaning the house. I barely left the house so to say. Only yesterday, I have the time to check out my garden thoroughly. Days before, I just came out at eight or so right after dinner to water the plants. On working days, I usually change my baby boy to his PJ's and quickly prepared dinner right after arriving home which left me less time to check out the garden.
Yesterday, I saw my iris bloomed but not for long. This morning, I find that it wasn't there. Perhaps the wind took it away. Lucky I snapped only one photo of it.

My Yellow Iris - bloomed halfway
lA few others are blooming too and colorful ornamental plants add colors to my garden's color palettes.
Violet Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Kiss Me Quick
I don't know the name of this plant. I'm going to find it.
My mini purple orchid waiting for its time to bloom
Redbird flower or "Pokok Lelipan"


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