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Isnin, 3 Januari 2011

Something Is Bugging Me

Last Friday was a public holiday. Malaysia's lineup won the AFF Suzuki Cup. As a reward, the Prime Minister announces that Friday is a national public holiday. Meetings rescheduled. People moves fast last Thursday to meet deadlines. It is the end of the year. For me, more time to be at home. At first, I plan to attend a friend's wedding on Saturday and some yearend-shopping spree and concentrate tending my garden in Sunday. With extra time on Friday, I decided to spring-clean the house. There are stuffs we no longer need. Some old clothes are still in excellent condition. We are considering sending them to charity. However, we don't know which is yet. Two rooms and the storeroom all cleared from junks. One more to go. We'll get to it next weekend.
On Saturday, before leaving the house for our friend's wedding, I briefly had a quick tour on my garden and gave my precious plant a quick shower. I was pleased at first seeing my cucumber had its first blooms. However, something is bugging me. There's a bug happily sniffing the blooms. I jumped into conclusion that this bug might also responsible on the leaves mishap.
The broccolis are in superb shape so far. Thinking that they might need a bigger space to grow, I transplanted them to the ground patch with the other two broccoli seedlings. The kailan too moved to a bigger patch since the kangkung are already went beyond their territory. My other plan for this weekend is to sow cauliflower, Bok-Choy (for the fourth time) and amaranth (for the third time). However, I was occupied by my laziness on sunny Sunday. Grinning. Besides, my mother is coming over. Therefore, I had to settle a few things in the kitchen due to her arrival with my father and brothers.
I can't help noticing my orchid had flower buds on it. This is the second time it is going to bloom. This is exciting.
My sweet Ms. Cabbage and baby carrots are looking great in my garden.


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