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Khamis, 6 Januari 2011

Wet Wednesday

Heavy downpour here in Putrajaya. It started to rain since yesterday's noon to this morning. Like any other Wednesday, my husband had to rush for his football game. Therefore, I have extra time to spend checking out my garden. Luckily my camera underwater model. Hence, I have no problem taking picture under the rain. I was able to snap a few photos when it drizzles for a few minutes.
My onions are doing great despite of the leaning leaves. They are going toward the bright side. I had to put the pot under shady area since I thought they possibly would not be able to stand the heat and strong wind. I'm crossing fingers for the flower so I could harvest the seed. I plan to sow some though I do think planting onion is not productive as we use onion in almost every dish. To provide enough supply of onion for a household on daily basis, a large-scale plantation is good. However, we'll see how the plan goes later.

My bird eye chili plant is thriving with its sprouting yield. "This is exciting!" has now become my daily chant. Grinning. Can't wait to harvest my first yield.
So does my cucumber.

Cabbages, Roselle, baby carrots, pumpkin, watermelon and the broccolis are still concentrating their utmost effort and energy forming healthy leaves.
Baby carrots

Cabbage 1

Cabbage 2


Sweet pumpkin


Special first appearances in this blog are ginger, fragile tomato seedlings, brinjal and water pepper as known as "Daun Kesum" or "Laksa Leaves".

"Daun Kesum" or "Laksa Leaves"


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