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Jumaat, 6 Februari 2015

Harvesting Ginger

Today, I feel like writing in English. It has been awhile since I wrote this blog in English. My English is quite rusty since a barely speak or write in English on daily basis until lately my son shows deep interest in using English at home. So, no harm for me which I thought this is a good opportunity to brush up my English. Enough of that, now let’s get to the real business.

I was watering my potted plant yesterday when I saw my almost vanishing ginger plant. It has been in the same pot for almost a year I reckon. I never had thought of digging it until yesterday. While waiting for my friend to pick up something from me, I quickly pull the ginger with my bare hand. The soil was fairly soft. A ginger rhizome with the size of my thumb came out. I dug with my hand and harvested more. I dug deeper and more came out. It yielded quite handful considering the stalk was only the same size of a chopstick. My dinner yesterday had a punch of fresh ginger and it was delighting. I should plant more ginger next time around.


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