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Rabu, 16 Mei 2012

Chili Seedlings say Hello World!

My chili seedlings say hello to the virtual world for the first time. I sowed the seed from fresh chili which I bought from farmers market. I scrapped out the seeds before I toss the sliced chili into the pan. It germinated after a few days. Before this, I used to sow commercially sold seed. But then, the earlier bought seed has spoil. One of neighbor said that she planted chili using seeds from fresh chilies and it worked. Following her footsteps, I did the same. This Friday, my seedlings turn 2 months old. 

However, the progress of growth of each seedling differs from one another. I already transferred the healthiest one in to bigger pot. There are still few seedlings waiting to be transfer to bigger space. 

Two months old chili seedling

I actually sowed the seed in my son’s diaper wrapping plastic bag. The plastic bag was thick and durable. Trying to be green, I think the bag better be put to good use as my alternative to poly-bag. Plus, the bag was not made from biodegradable material. So, I better gives the plastic bag a second life.


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