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Rabu, 9 Mei 2012


Four years ago, it never occurred to my mind that I could be a mother. Now, I am mother of two boys. When the first time I knew I was pregnant with Ameer, I was nervous. I was afraid that I couldn’t be good mum to him. Nevertheless, until this moment I try hard to become a good one. Becoming a mother has brought me to a different dimension of life. Life before was all about me, myself and I. Today, the kids come first.

On my 26th birthday (when I was pregnant with my first child), I said to my mother “Mak, thank you for bringing me to life. Now I know the feeling of a proud mother”. She was touched. To be a mother to a child is a blessing. Not everyone could be a mother. Becoming a mother to a special child is another blessing. Of course I am grateful that both of my sons were born healthy and beautiful. However, there are challenges to make sure they are ready for the real world. There my valuable assets and would never be a liability to us.

Mother’s day is around the corner. I am not going to hope for anything special from the beloved. For me, every day is a special day for me. 



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