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Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

The Importance of Learning the Marmet Technique

Unimom Mezzo Manual Breast pump without handle

This morning, as I was ready to start my morning milk pumping session, I realized that I forgot to fix my pump handle to the bottle. That was the only part I forgot to fix. This incident adds another reason to master the Marmet technique.

The first incident happens during my confinement period where my body produces abundant of milk. I had to pump every two hours so I wouldn’t have to face engorgement problem. Feeling so tired, I did have enough to clean the breast pump parts every use. So, I alternately use electric breast pump and express breast milk manually. There are times I feel more comfortable expressing milk by hand and hassle free.

The second incident happens when I was away from office for a few hours. It was quite inappropriate for me bring the whole set of breast pump due to the heavy weight. Furthermore, I couldn’t attach the pump to any power point since it was a site visit session. Therefore, I brought with me a clean handkerchief, a 5 ounce milk bottle, a few plastic milk storage bags and a small cooler bag that could fit two 5 ounce milk bottles. I took 10 minutes breaks to manually express milk and then in a minute I am ready to go again. No cleaning and fixing required. Save more times.

Another advantage on knowing this technique is when you woke up in the middle of the night and too lazy to assemble you breast pump. What I did was, just grab an empty clean bottle and start expressing. Minutes later, tuck into the freezer and label the bottle first in the morning.

I have a few friends having problem to express their milk on the day they happened to forget bringing their breast pump to work.  This won’t happen if you have at least a small storage bottle in your hand bag and start expressing manually. You’ll be happy all day.

So, learn and master the Marmet expressing technique to give you more chance to supply more milk to your baby.


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