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Khamis, 29 November 2012

Growing Kangkung in Putrajaya - Day 5

Today is another happy day for me. Last Saturday, a sowed a bunch of kangkung seeds in a very small patch in front of my house. Since it rained everyday for the past few weeks, I thought this will cut my watering time and the cool weather will help the growth of the seeds. Nothing appear on the patch on the third day after sowing day. I thought that the seed were gone already due to heavy rain a night before.
This morning I checked the patch again and saw a few seedlings appeared. If you noticed, there is one big seedling with a few true leaves among the little seedlings. This one came out from the first sowing batch. The seed from the first sowing batch came out from a year old packet. This is the only survivor and I guess the other seed had gone bad. Therefore, I bought a new pack of kangkung seed at MAHA 2012.
I hope in a month, I will be able to make kangkung dishes fresh from my small vegetable patch. I only get to savor my kangkung fresh from garden only once but the yield was small. Hopefully this time around the yield will be abundant and continuous.

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