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Sabtu, 24 November 2012

MAHA 2012

Yesterday, we went straight to Malaysia Agricultural Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS). I am not planning to visit the entire exposition. I planned to get myself a few seeds and some organic fertilizers and pesticide.

There are a few stall selling fresh fruit. We bought some rambutan, mangosteen and honey water apple.

I also bought some easy to grow seeds. I bought sweetcorn, kailan, water spinach a.k.a kangkung, red spinach, okra and also flowering mustard.

Being too lazy to mix my own organic pesticide, I bought a bottle of organic pesticide and a liquid fertilizer. The seller couldn't give any discount but he gave me a pack of organic fertilizer for free.

Before we left at 8 pm, we took a brief tour around the park by tram. I didn't take any photos since it was dark and my phone was out of battery. We are planning to go again next week but it will depend entirely to the weather and my health. I tend to be tired quite fast even after a few minutes of walking nowadays. Perhaps it is due to the pregnancy.
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