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Sabtu, 17 November 2012

Growing Tomato in Putrajaya - Day 5

These are my 5 days old tomato seedlings and they are more than a dozen. I started planting using fresh seed which scooped out from fresh tomato last Tuesday. I made sambal belacan that day which I think I made the best sambal belacan in the whole wide world. Hehehe. I learned to make this sambal from my mother when I was eight. That year, my late great grandfather would come to our house once a week for lunch. He sold traditional herbs at a nearby town and will come over to our house on his way his home. I'll post the recipe later.
By the way, the seedlings started coming out from the seed shell 2 days later. I lightly watered them to make sure they are not drowning and put the pot under a shade but still receive morning sun. It rained heavily lately especially in the late afternoon.
I hope this time I will be able to harvest my first batch of fresh tomatoes.

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