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Jumaat, 30 November 2012

Dear Rose...

I bought these rose plants two weeks ago from Carrefour. They were planted in a very small pot. Days after that, I transplanted then into two different pots. Their root has occupied the whole pot. With bigger and individual pots, I hope this will help them develop more root for better growth.
After transplanting, I put them at a quite shaded area at my porch. When I brought them home, there were a lot of rose buds starting to develop. I pruned all of them to ensure all the energy focus to develop new rooting system. I watered them lightly.
From what I read, I learned that rose plant need at least six hours of sun bath. Afraid that immediate exposure to sunlight will stress the plant, I let them stay under shade for at least a week. Plus, since it is raining heavily every single day, I am afraid the roots will be over watered and this might cause rotten root. However, I noticed that the plants starting to lose their leaves day after day.
So, three days ago I had to convince myself to move them away from the shade. I put them right where the sun hit every morning until noon. I think that there will be all right since morning sun rays are not that hot. Even though, every day we had heavy downpour, still the sun shines for at least from 7 am to 3 pm.
This is what I noticed this morning. The red shoots are coming out. This is the sign that my roses are doing very well now. I can wait to see these plants producing light purple roses.

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