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Sabtu, 1 Disember 2012

Growing Tomato in Putrajaya - Transplanting at Day 17

Today my tomato seedlings turned 17 days old. I am going to transplant them to a bigger pot individually. Since the competition were high in the pot, the growth of each seedling are different. They look strong despite of the slow growth.

Six strongest looking seedlings were transplant into six individually pot. I am not planning to use all of them later. Six tomato plants are too much for our small household. I might plant only two or three and the rest will be reserve for further use. In case any of the plant couldn't survive later. Better be safe than sorry.

I did have the heart to throw all the remaining small seedlings. Instead of throwing all of them, I pick about nine strongest among the weakest seedling. The were planted in two different pot. This could give them better chances of growing compared to the high density pot before transplanting. These seedlings will also be my reserve. Or I might give away these seedlings to one of the bosses at my office who also into gardening. In fact I owed him roselle seedlings.
I planted the seedlings deep, just under the first pair of seed leaves. This to encourage the development of new stronger rooting system. After transplanting, I watered them lightly. I am going to let them grow for about two weeks and see how there are doing. By that time, they should be ready to be transplanted to their permanent spot in my small vegetable patch.
Happy growing my 15 tomato seedlings!!
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