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Khamis, 23 Disember 2010

As the Sun Sets.

Yesterday was another rainy day. It was already raining when my husband picked me up from the office. It stopped a few minutes after arriving home. My home to my office is just a league away. On the way to my office, we have to send our boy to his nursery and fetch him right before heading home. Despite of the rain, my husband still went to his football match. He played for our association, the PPTD.
They had a friendly match yesterday. I didn't know the scores. They are having another one today. Though it was raining today, I still had to give my potted plant a quick shower. They are semi shaded yet probably the wind isn't strong enough for the rain to cover that area. Some of them wilted yesterday. I didn't water them these few days assuming that I don't have to due to the rain. However, I was wrong. The soil was dry when I touched them yesterday. Therefore, I decided to water the potted plant even when it's raining but not as regular as during dry season.
I snapped a few photos yesterday. Last week on Thursday, I did some soil improvement works and sowed watermelon. Yesterday, the young plants are looking great.


Silky leaves sweetcorn

Long Beans

Sweet Ms. Pumpkin

Mr. Kailan

Ms. Cabbage
Watermelon Duo
Ms. Roselle
Brocoli Duo
By the way, I sowed baby carrot, brinjal, coriander and Pak Choy (also known as bok Choy or Peking cabbage) last two weeks. I saw some brinjal and coriander seedlings poking through yesterday. They were too small to snap. Perhaps, later I'll check on them.
The young baby carrots are striving.

The young baby carrots
The new addition of the family is the red onions. I planted them for the leaves and hoping for the seed.

Four red onions
And the sun sets.

Sunset in Putrajaya


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