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Rabu, 22 Disember 2010

Popping Corn

I made popcorn yesterday. One day I told my husband that I want to make popcorn. He didn't believe that I have the ability to make popcorn not knowing that I once sold my homemade popcorn when I was a small girl. I even demonstrated to my fellow girlfriends on how to make popcorn. Despite his cynical remarks, I optimistically bought the ingredients. Making popcorn may sound easy to westerners. 

Nevertheless, here in my place, popcorn is something you can only buy at the cinema's kiosk or a carnival. It rarely crosses their mind that you can even make popcorn in just few simple steps. I once brought some to my office and this is what my colleague said. "You didn't make this. I know. You bought some from the supermarket and later pour them to your container. Later, claiming that they are yours". My friend, I take that as a compliment. Thank you.

Anyway, this is how to make popcorn.
The ingredients: Two (2) tbsp of margarine. – I prefer to use margarine instead of butter. ¼ cup of dried corn kernels. Two (2) tbsp of castor sugar. One (1) tsp of honey – optional. A drop of food coloring – optional. One (1) tbsp of hot water
The tools: Spatula and cookware with lid
Method: Melt one (1) tbsp of margarine and put in the popcorn. Once the first popcorn popped, put on the lid. Transfer the popped popcorn into a bowl. Melt the rest of margarine and pour in the castor sugar, honey, hot water and food coloring. Whisk briskly until the entire ingredient thickened. Pour in the popcorn and covers them with the sugar glaze. Rest to cool before storing in dry container.
That's all and perfect companion for a family movie night.


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