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Jumaat, 10 Disember 2010

Our Langkawi Weekend - Day 3

Sunny Sunday is here! We woke up early that day. Slippers, mineral water, some food, extra shirts for changing and others have been pack night before. The van guy asked us to wait for his brother at the Underwater World car park. He’ll bring us and the other people in our group to the jetty at 9.15 am. They were three children and ten of us. My husband bought swimming float for our son since the boat’s safety jacket will not suit the size of our little boy. He’s too small for the life jacket. Those who join this island hopping adventure have been advice not to bring stuff packed in plastic bags. The cheeky monkeys of the Pregnant Maiden Lake were so used to packed stuff to the extent that they will believe anything in plastic bags as food. The last thing you wants to happen to you is, your stuff been stolen by the mischievous apes. To be on the safe side, we bought a backpack at the bazaar and stuffed it with food and rations.

There are a number of groups from the other waiting at the jetty. We waited for our turn for about 10 minutes. The speedboat we were in left the jetty and view along the way was outstanding. The ride from the jetty to the other point was about 15 minutes. We were given an hour to spend at the lake. The lake is actually at the center of an island. It is a freshwater lake. From the jetty, visitors will have to walk 200 meters uphill to the lake. Along the way, you’ll find monkeys waiting in line eyeing something to grab. They are everywhere and aren’t friendly. So, better be careful for those with plastic bags. It was a tiring journey but wait until you see nature’s untouched beauty at the lake. The water is so clean and clear that you can even drink it straight away. We chose a nice spot on the floating deck. The management set up a floating deck complete with swimming pool for kids, changing rooms, snack bar and sport facilities rental kiosk. We took our boy for a quick dip at the pool. Visitors are advice to use life jacket to swim since there is no lifeguard is on duty. Furthermore, the lake’s depth is more than 10 meters. Kids’ pool is only 1 meter deep but the kids should never be leave unattended.

One hour later, we proceed to our next destination that is Pulau Singa Besar for eagle feeding tour. The island watercourse has been the favorite of large amount of eagle. This activity is one of the popular activities among tourist. The speedboat driver brought some chicken skin. He throws the pieces on the water surface. After a few lap airborne, the birds dive on the water surface to seize their reward for the day. The excitement witnessing that 20 minutes golden moment was indescribable.

We later moved on to the white sandy beach, Pulau Beras Basah. This island is a perfect place for picnic, water sports activities and snorkeling. It was a glowing beach. It was so glare to the extent wearing sunglasses is the best way to reduce the intensity. However, you won’t be able to appreciate the beauty of clear turquoise water and the greenery surrounds white those glasses. After an hour spending time at the beach, we then left the beach and that’s marked the end of our island hopping adventure.

Later that evening, we hooked to the Underwater World. Underwater World is a huge aquarium with living underwater creatures on display. Penguins are also one of the attractions. The building consists of a few sections. There are underwater, Antarctica and several others I couldn’t recall. I was too exhausted that day. I didn’t enjoy the tour very much. Additionally, I’ve been there before. Therefore, nothing excites me much. However, this place is a “must visit” spot especially those with the enthusiastic little ones.

Before heading to our favorite spot for dinner again, we hit the road to Pekan Kuah. On our way there, we drop by the Perdana Quay. A place with beautiful scenery of ocean and yacht with green mount range as background. However, I didn’t take any photo because I was raining. At Pekan Kuah, we bought fairly a good amount of chocolate and various selected kitchenware. Langkawi is the heaven for the homemakers, some say so. We also spent a few time left to witness the beautiful sunset at the Lang Square. Today is our last day. We will depart tomorrow. After a few snaps of shots, we left Pekan Kuah for our last dinner in the glorious Langkawi Island.

It has been a routine for us to surf what’s the bazaar has to offer after every dinnertime. That night, my sons got himself a t-shirt with his favorite cartoon character printed on it for free. Luck was on his side. Probably it’s because of his cuteness or maybe the retailer just wants to dispose that one and only t-shirt. Whatever it is, he likes t-shirt very much. He even didn’t want to take it off the first time he wore it.

The day may have ended but not our journey


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