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Khamis, 16 Disember 2010

The Beginning of a New Life

I left office quite early yesterday. Yet, right after my shift ends. My husband had to rush for his football match later that evening. I was lucky that the rain had stop. It was raining that noon so I'm not going to gives my plants a shower. The day is still bright so I decided to snap some pictures of my little garden. This month is indeed an exciting month for me. I started my garden in November and it's like a beginning of a new life (or lives I would say for my seedlings). On the eight of December, a day after our vacation in Langkawi ends, I sowed some Roselle and sweet pumpkin. Here are a few pictures of my striving seedlings.

This is one of my Roselle seedlings. I sowed six seeds and five days later, three germinated. However, one wilted and died. I sowed another seed last Sunday but none appeared yesterday.

This is my eight days old sweet pumpkin seedling. It sits on the same patch where I sowed the watermelon. However, until last Sunday, there's no sign of life exist. Therefore, I propagate another watermelon seeds on the patch. Until yesterday, no new seedling comes into sight.
Sweet pumpkin

These are the water spinach as known as kangkung. I decided to plant for some more as I don't feel that the first batch are enough to feed us all. Here's my latest batch kangkung. Only one managed to come out of the soggy soil yesterday. Maybe the rest are still trying to come out of the seed shell.
Kangkung 1

Kangkung 2

Here are my cucumber and long bean seedlings. They have been on the same patch since the day I transplanted them last week. They are roughly two weeks old. I have another two seedlings as backup in the seeding pot.

Long bean
These are a month old broccoli. I disseminated a few seeds and transplanted two of the seedlings into a larger pot. I'm not sure whether these young plants are heat-resistant or not since, they grew faster in shady area. Yet the cabbages that are in the same family, which I planted on the veggie patch, seem to grow somewhat slow. Perhaps the soil isn't fertile enough. I'll put some organic fertilizer later.
This is "Pokok Setawar" or Air plant. We brought home some of the plants from my in-laws house. After a few months, they were already in a terrible shape. I pulled off some matured leaves and laid them on the soil. While the origin plants are dying, the leaves underneath which I laid before started to produce offspring. I plan to keep this plant for its medicinal properties. The leaf of this plant is watery. For that reason, we'll lay the leaves at my son's backside whenever his body temperature rises. After a while, you will find the reading has decreased and the leaves drooped.
These beautiful flowers brighten up my day and my handsome son too.


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