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Isnin, 27 Disember 2010

Our Splashy Weekend

My husband’s office organized a retreat last weekend at Bukit Gambang Resort City (BGRC), Pahang. I took a leave last Friday. We left our house early that Friday morning and headed my husband’s office as the meeting point. After finalizing logistic matters, we convoyed all the way to BGCR. The journey took almost three hours. On our way to BGRC,
the organizer had plan a coach hunt where we have to resolve a few puzzle, which the clues are available along the way. Upon arriving, we had trouble checking in because the rooms are not ready yet. While my husband attending his first meeting at 3 pm, my son and I patiently waiting for the room. We waited at the lobby. People from all over the country flocked to this resort.

This resort was open year ago. It is a new development through privatization between the government and the private sector with the aim to perk up the local economic. There are only water theme park, hotel suites and team building facilities as well as paint ball venue available here now. This development provides a large number of jobs opportunities to the locals. How do I know this? This development is located just a few miles from my in-laws house. Most of the locals especially the youth work here. This development in a way improves the locals’ quality of life.
After dinner, my husband left us again for his next meeting. Instead of spending the night in the room watching television, I decided to take a stroll around the resort complex with my little boy. That night being the Christmas Eve, the resort had schedule an entertainment show for the guests. An acrobatic group brought all the way from China to perform a splendid show that night. Other special appearances are Santa Clause, clowns, penguin mascot, magicians and the resort manager. There was also a present give away session. Everybody was thrilled. Later that midnight, there was a fireworks show. I couldn’t be there. It was too late for my son. Anyway, before leaving the show halfway, we went to the resort amusement park. My son was too young to enjoy the amusements. For some, they choose to spend their fortune to the video arcade or the karaoke.

On the Christmas morning, we had our breakfast at the coffeehouse. The choices of food provided by the resort was varies. I could easily gain weight during my brief stay here. Again, my husband had to leave us for another meeting session. We had a shopping spree at the gift shop. Being bored, I decided to head to my in-laws house. My husband picked up us after lunch and again he headed to the meeting room for the last time.
At last, the meeting is over. Now is the time for the family members especially the kids to enjoy themselves. The retreat organizer organized a tele-match for kids. Being a mother, seeing my son having fun with the rest of the kids is good enough for me. After having a quick dip at the swimming pool, we rushed back to our room. We had to prepare ourselves for a barbecue dinner party. That night, my husband won a hamper for giving all the right answers in the coach hunt activity. He also won a wireless mouse in the lucky draw activities.

On the sunny Sunday, we checked out early right after having breakfast. We are going to spend our morning at the water theme park. We’ve been there a few times. As expected, large numbers of visitor are already queuing for the ticket. We were lucky to have the tickets in hand in advance. We left the theme park after having our buffet lunch.
It took us seven hours to reach home. Normally the journey took around two or three hours. We made a few a stops along the way. Drop by my parent’s house for a few hours so that my husband could have a nap after a tiring weekend. We left my parent’s house after teatime cum early dinner.
It was quite a tiring weekend.


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