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Rabu, 1 Disember 2010

The Dining Area.

Home Sweet Home. Baiti Jannati. Rumahku Syurgaku. This is how people describe the comfort of being at home. Home is the place where memories created. I love my home. The place I called home is a double storey linked house. It is not ours. We rent it from the government. One of my favorite stuff to do over the weekend is decorating or revamping the look of my house. We moved in to this house more than a year ago. The house has three bedrooms, wet and dry kitchen, a living hall, a family area, a drying yard and a dining area. What excite me are the facts the house has a lawn at the back or should I say at the front. Oh! I don’t know! That is for the reason that the house is a double frontage house. Anyway, whatever it is, I love the house.
One of my favorite spot is the dining area. At first there were only rattan mat on top of the floor tiles and a dining table for six then. I don’t want people having cold feet while savoring their meal. That’s why I covered the floor with rattan mat. To add some color, I covered the tabletop with plain red cloth. However, the cloth gave the table a plain look obviously. As a result, I bought a nice patterned tablecloth during my holiday to the Cameron Highlands. I laid the patterned tablecloth over the plain tablecloth. It looks nice I suppose.

Can you notice the white walls at the background? They were blank for more than a year. Two months ago, we bought the console table and the mirror. I covered the console table with a yellow table runner. Previously, a friend gave us a glass vase for our wedding. I don’t know what to do with the vase until recently I bought a bunch of nice faux flower and leaves. I made a flower arrangement for the console table. Since we love snacking while watching the television, I decided to place three clear glass snacking jars. Another reason is that my husband loves to buy snack and candy. However, he generally forgot to eat them. By displaying the snacks and candy on the console table, I hope the snacks and candy will never reach their expiry date. Surprisingly the trick works but the treats are reachable by the little one.
The other wall on the other hand is still empty until recently I gave the wall a major transformation. As you can see here, there a few photos of us on vacation, our wedding photos, an artwork, a mirror, a wall clock and a few other framed items as well. Every article has a story behind it.
The framed prints out of flowers were from my uncle’s house. He wanted to sell the house since he and her wife decided to move to Oman. We bought a couple of stuff. The painting was my first and only artwork for an art class I attended during my seven months course. I plan to create more work of art but there is but at the end of every attempt. Grinning. The black and white photo of us was our wedding card cover with our engagement photo on it. One of my uncles framed it as our wedding gift. It was sweet and still. On the extreme right is something that my husband won in a treasure hunt. It is a woodcarving featuring his office building. A fine art work. The mirror and the round wall clock added are just to break the silence of the wall.
I intentionally left the rest of the wall blank, as there are more photos and artwork coming up.


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