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Rabu, 8 Disember 2010

Our Langkawi Weekend - Day 1

We had a great weekend holiday at Langkawi Island that has been plan since early this year. We stayed for four days and three nights at the Federal Lodge managed by the Holliday Villa. My husband booked the room at RM 55 a day since last March. I booked the flight tickets for two adults and an infant in May. It wasn’t a great deal for the flight tickets since my first view on the price was RM 200 cheaper than the day I booked and paid the reservation. We decided not to choose the low-cost carriage because we plan to do some shopping spree during holiday. There will be scores of hassles with the luggage and surely there will be extra cost added for the extra loads later with low-cost carriage. Anyway, I consider the expenditures were worthwhile. We definitely are going to check out the rate much earlier for a better deal next time around.

Our flight to Langkawi was supposed to be at 11 am 3 December but the time of flight delayed due to some technical problem to 2 pm. Therefore, we had our brunch at one of the fast food restaurant, as there will be no lunch provided in the aircraft. To kill a few times left before departing, we enjoyed the massage chair available at the departure hall. This is my son’s first air trip. However, he fall asleep right after the fleet took off. Probably it’s because the cough syrup I gave him before boarding.
We arrived at the island around 4 pm. The view of the island from the fleet window was superb. The seawater was so blue and clear. We were lucky to enjoy our flight in a good weather to the extent we can even spot our home in Putrajaya, the Penang Island as well our hotel complex from above the sky.

Upon arriving, my husband called the rental car operator, which he already contacted a week before. He is quite familiar with the island since he often comes here for work. That’s why he thinks it is better for us to drive ourselves on our own during our stay here. We had “Laksa Assam” (rice noodle served with spicy and sour fish broth) and “Rojak Buah” (fruits served with roasted peanut and spicy black dipping sauce) with “Cendol” (green rice jelly served cold with palm syrup and coconut milk) after leaving the airport complex. The “Laksa Assam” and “Rojak Buah” were good but the “Cendol” was too bland. Much water added we presumed.
Later that evening after checking-in, we took a quick tour of Pekan Kuah. Pekan Kuah is famous for their duty-free chocolate, wine and cigar as well as kitchen utensils. We were there just to check out the price of chocolate and the kitchen utensils to make a comparison before we start our shopping marathon. They weren’t cheaper than those sold in any other places were but there choices are vast. For those who are not familiar with Langkawi, this island is renowned for its legend of Mahsuri and sea cucumber medicinal products especially the ointment. I am not a good storyteller. Therefore, I choose not to tell anything about the legend. I might ruin the whole story.

Our dinner for the night was at one of the seafood restaurant at the delta of Pantai Cenang. The name of the restaurant is “Difiqa”. Thai food was on the menu. Food served was great especially the grilled fish. I would suggest this restaurant for those who had craving for seafood. This place will be our favorite dining spot throughout our stay here. We had deep fry sea bass served with sweet tamarind sauce, squids in clear tom yum soup, omelet and piping hot steam rice. Writing this alone makes me drool.

We then had a swift scan on what the “Souq d’Delta” has to offer. “Souq d’Delta” is an open bazaar on the delta of Pantai Cenang. T-shirts, women blouse, sundress, bags, hats, slippers, swimming gear and water sports packages as well as souvenirs sold here. It is open daily from 9 am to 1 am.

It’s 11 pm already. We call it a night. We headed to our hotel and had a good night sleep, preparing our body and soul for tomorrow’s adventure.


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