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Khamis, 9 Disember 2010

Our Langkawi Weekend - Day 2

It’s Saturday. We had the “Big Apple” donuts for breakfast. For those who didn’t know or never did care, “Big Apple Donuts & Coffee” is a Malaysian brand. The brand is quite a competition to other established brand and it has won quite an amount of awards. My favorites are “De La Cheese” and “Wakeup Wally” while my husband’s favorite is the “Duren Duren”. Anyway, back to business.
Right after donuts, we headed to the “Langkawi Geopark” to experience the cable car ride. The cable car ride will take us to the Machincang Mount range, which is the second highest peak of the island. Its panoramic view is unbelievable breathtaking. That’s what I been told by people who had been there and the brochure. We didn’t have the chance to enjoy the ride since the operation of the cable car has been stop for the day due to bad weather condition. One of the souvenir shops girls told us that it is normal for this to occur at every end of the year. This place is at the east cost of the island where this area will experience monsoon in November to January. It is advisable for the visitors to call the cable car operator before coming to avoid disappointment. We later had coffee and steam buns with chicken curry before leaving the park. A tourist spot will never be complete without souvenir shops. A tourist will never be one without grabbing something as memento. We did browse the shop but nothing attracts us. Perhaps there’s nothing extraordinaire what they have compared to other tourist spots in Malaysia. However, there is always something for the foreign tourist to grab. There were also rabbit and deer farm, oriental village, lake, massage parlor, restaurants and café and hotel in the park. Jungle tracking and other eco-tourism activities are there for the visitors to undertake.

Form the park we drove ourselves to the Langkawi Craft Complex. In this complex, there were Museum of Wedding and Customs, Information Center, Art Gallery, Local Craft Shop, Batik store and workshops, glass and crystal workshop and as usual souvenir booths. What attract us and the other tourist the mainly is the Batik artwork display at one of the workshops. There were several Batik artists coloring their latest Batik design. Batik is an art where pattern or image drawn on silk or cotton using “chanting”. “Chanting” is a traditional drawing tools made from brass that contains hot liquid wax as ink. The lines made using the wax ink will deter the inked part from absorbing the colors as well as preventing different colors to mix. Batik is widely use in garment making industry. It comes in evergreen floral motives along with contemporary and edgy motives too to suit modern tang. The workshop’s latest product was something that you’ll love to hang on your wall. The usage of bright colors on the image of underwater scenery, tropical flower, abstract art and other unique patterns mesmerize us. Too bad, we can’t take pictures any of them to preserve the high value of the artworks I believe. I can’t take them home too as they were excessively expensive for us. Probably next time will be the time with a better bargain. I grab myself a nice black gypsy skirt but my husband didn’t get anything since the size of shirt he was looking for is not available.
Our next destination is MARDI (Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute) Langkawi Agro-technology Park. The park sets at the foot of Mount Raya. I was hoping to witness some lush vegetable, tropical fruit and some information on pertaining to home gardening. To my disappointment, the time wasn’t the right time as it is not the tropical fruit season. With fair amount of ticket paid, we are able to have a 30 minutes tour around the park by tram. At every station, the guide person will give brief information of the area. Along the way, there are a few camping sites and some were occupied. If luck is on your side, you’ll be able to sink your tooth into lip smacking tropical fruits. We were quite lucky to have the chance savoring pamelo, exotic papaya and honey pineapple. The sweet scent of the fruits is irresistible. The herbs and vegetable section on the other hand was not in a good condition. Perhaps it is the end of the seasons or lack of maintenance. Oh! I refuse to judge. Upon leaving the park, a few girls approach us and handed a set of questionnaires. They are from the MARDI headquarter and they are doing assessment on visitors perception and collecting ideas to improve the park’s service. I grab the chance to express my view and throw several constructive suggestions.

We then went to Langkawi Bird Paradise – Wildlife Park. After paying for the tickets, we bought a packet of treats for the animals. There are seeds and raisins for birds, cabbage and carrots for the rabbits and goats along with fruits for the cheeky monkeys. The park acknowledged being the largest covered wildlife park in Asia. It was raining that evening. We were lucky to be under shade throughout the visit. The birds came from most part of the world and they were friendly towards human. Possibly, it is common for the bird to be around human and being hand fed nearly all the time. It is a clean and well-maintained park. You nearly can’t detect any bad odors. We spent almost two hours in the park.

That night we went to our favorite spot again for dinner. We had grilled sea bass, spicy tom yum soup, and sauté kale accompanying piping hot steam rice. Soon after finishing our meal, we had a brisk tour of the bazaar once again. We were looking for a person with a van. We saw him the other day promoting 3 hours island hopping adventures. The adventures include a visit to the Lake of Pregnant Maiden, eagle feeding sightseeing and spending good sunbathing time at a white sandy beach of Pulau Beras Basah. We catched a good bargain and we are considering having a snorkeling session. However, it depends on how the weather and the water condition on the day. We bought slippers and a few other things for tomorrow's island hopping adventures.

My foot ached and the day ended.


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