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Rabu, 13 Jun 2012

Little Things I {hope} will never forget about you…Ameer Zikri

Ameer turned three recently. I found myself missing most of his very tiny achievements in life which is supposed to be big for me as his mother. These are the little things I took for granted. Today, I am going to make a list on his achievements so I will never forget. I love you son, with all my heart.
  1. You are so adorable last night when you pretend feeding your little brother with his weaning bowl and spoon in your hand while I organizing my kitchen cabinet – June 2012
  2. You are so adorable when the first thing you said upon entering a hotel room is “bah, let’s go home” {read: bah, jom (b)alik (r)umah..} – June 2012
  3. You are so asked my permission to hug your little brother this morning – June 2012
  4. You are so smart when you said “No” to lollipop because there’s “worm” inside it that will “eat” your teeth. – June 2012

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