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Selasa, 19 Jun 2012

My 3 mo. Chili plant

This is my three months old chili plant. This is not the only chili I had, but this is the only one I had it planted in a big pot. A few others are still the small seedling pots, waiting for their time to be transferred to a bigger pot. This time I plan to grow my vegetables only in pots. The area at my green yard is quite big. However, the soil is infertile. There are too many works to do in making sure that the patch is in the best condition to grow a plant. I don't think I have time to attend that matter.

Base on my reading, it took approximately 12 weeks for a healthy chili plant to start producing flower and fruits later on. One of many tricks to make the plant producing more yields is to pick off the branches’ tips. This trick will provide opportunity for the plant to develop more branches. With more branches, there’ll be more rooms for the chili flower and then developing into fruits.

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