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Selasa, 19 Jun 2012

Fish Rice Porridge with Carrots for My Baby

This morning, and also yesterday, I made fish rice porridge with carrots for Zharif. As usual, I made extra which I pack for his lunch half of the portion while store it in the freezer the remaining portion for his dinner. Apparently, the humble rice porridge turned out to be very delicious and smells good too. I added salt and some pepper to the portion that supposedly to be chilled and packed as my breakfast. 

Boil ¼ cup of rice with two cups of water for 20 minutes. You may add more water to achieve softer texture. My baby is nine month and he chews his food with his gum. I used fragrant jasmine rice. It is more fragrant and has natural sweetness than regular rice.

Dice finely carrots, 1 shallot and a clove of garlic. Add into the rice and let it simmer for another 10 -15 minutes.

Mince coarsely fish meat and add into the porridge. Let it simmer until the fish is cook thoroughly which usually took approximately 8 – 10 minutes. Cooking too long will affect the taste and the texture of the fish. I used sea bass. You can also use red snapper or Spanish mackerel.

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