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Selasa, 19 Jun 2012

Baby's Bread Pudding with Banana

I made bread pudding with banana last Sunday in my brand new red ramequin. This time I prepared a pictorial version of the recipe. A few of friends asked me to include step-by-step pictures on the food in the making. I will try my best. This is so easy; it required only three main ingredients. Give it a try mommy. 

In a clean and dry ramequin, grease the inner surface with some unsalted butter.

Fill in the ramequin with diced sandwich bread. I used two slices for two ramequins.

Then, top the bread cubes with diced banana.

Pour in fresh milk enough to almost covering the bread. Poke a few times to allow the bread cubes to absorb the milk. Set aside for a few allowing the bread to absorb the milk.

While on that, prepare the steamer. Steam the pudding mixture for 15-20 minutes. Or, you can also bake until the bread no longer stick to your fork when poke.

Enjoy it while it is warm or cold. It’s yummy and I am going to make another version of bread pudding with (of course) sugar and salt in it for me! No sugar and salt for babies, okay! 

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