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Sabtu, 9 Jun 2012

Packing Home Made Solid Food for The Little One

We are off to Malacca, The Historical City for 2 days. I brought along my boys and husband. I'm here for an official meeting and had to bring along the kids since it's weekend and it is not possible for my husband to handle the kids all alone.

Since my baby boy refuse to eat processed baby food, I had to figure out ways to pack home cooked solid food for him.What I did was, boiled potatoes cube, sweet pumpkin cube, baby peas and plain rice porridge. For the potatoes, sweet pumpkin and baby peas, drain the water completely and set aside to cool before putting on the container lid.

When completely cool, store the in cooler bag with ice pack. Store the cool plain rice porridge as well. Bring along a few packs of unsalted butter as flavoring. I avoid using animal base flavoring ie. chicken stock since it will spoil faster with out proper reheating.

Store the food ration in hotel room mini fridge immedietly after checking in. Before serving the food to the baby, take out only the portion you wanted. Immerse with hot water for 5-8 minutes and drain. Mash the vegetables with same butter and serve. Lucky my baby's weaning bowl comes with these tiny texture that allow food to be mashed easily.

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