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Rabu, 27 Jun 2012

Lactogenic food - Boosting Production, Improving Quality

A few weeks ago, when my milk production is starting to deteriorate, my friend suggested checking on when I ate at that time and when my milk supply was abundant. I realise that I was no longer eating healthily. I consumed more coffee and tea then than before. I spent the first two months of Zharif’s life at my parent’s place. 

My father loves milk, any kind of milk including soy milk. I had milk every day then. I was literally drenched with my milk then. Later, I ate cheese for breakfast on daily basis the first week of returning to work. I had to express my milk almost every two or three hours. Since my recovery plan to improve my milk supply is working now, I am now moving to the next step to improve the quality of my milk. Due to my irregular pumping session which resulted imbalance first milk and hind milk content, I decided to improve my diet to improve the quality of my milk. Plus, I am not planning to introduce formula milk to my baby boy after he is two. 
Food and herbs that improves the quantity and the quality of mother milk is called lactogenic food. I have my favourite lactogenic food. I found that dairy product such as milk and cheese help boosting my milk production. Soy bean milk, fermented soy bean or tempe, tofu and taufufa also are my favourite lactogenic food. I am not sticking to these options only. 

Recently, a local parenting magazine has an article on foods that are able to help mother boosting milk production. This will help me a lot. I also love to refer to these websites on lactogenic food. I hope these will help other mothers out there. Wish me luck in the running to create lactogenic food recipes!

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