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Ahad, 2 Disember 2012

Growing Bayam (or Not, actually Sawi) in Putrajaya - Day 4

This morning, I woke up to this. Actually, I already noticed a few of bayam's seedling started appearing when I was about to transplant my tomato seedlings. Later that evening, more came out.
In this same egg tray, I also sowed sweetcorn, kailan, green mustard (sawi), okra and capsicum. I am pretty sure this row is bayam. It was my mistake. I didn't label the tray after sowing.
The density of the seedling is quite high. I am going to transplant them later that is when the first pair of true leaves emerging.
However, when I came to check on them later that evening, I found something else. Check out my next post. Surprise!!
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