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Ahad, 9 Disember 2012

Transplanting Okra and Green Mustard Seedlings - Day 7

This is how seedlings look like a few after sowing day. However, still there is no sign of capsicum, sweetcorn and kailan which I sowed on the same day with okra, red amaranth and green mustard.

I thought I wanted to transplant these green mustard and okra seedlings right after their first pair of leaves appearing. But then, the greed mustard were too many. They seem strugling to survive. The okra on the other hand starting to lean all over the place. The depth of the egg paper tray could accomodate their rooting system. Therefore, I transplanted them to a bigger place yesterday.

There are some more green mustard seedlings left in the tray. I'll do it later.

I wonder why my amaranth seedlings look this skinny. Is it normal?
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