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Rabu, 5 Disember 2012

Winning The Hearts and (but not) Minds

I’ve been waiting for this moment quite sometimes. October was noted as Innovation & Creativity Month. It was an annual event. One of this year activities was Innovation Quiz. Every Monday in October, a set of questions will be sent through email. Every participation must reach the committee mail box within ten minutes after. Those who sent the fastest participation with the most correct answer will be announced as winner. No number limitation for the winners. I was one on the lucky winner for the fourth week. Though, I tried every week except on the second week. I have to attend a meeting that day.

Day after day I waited for the time when I could receive my mystery gift. And today is the day. A small function initiated by “the Big Boss” was held this morning. It was also an event where the management celebrates staffs that were born in December. It is part of the Big Boss’s Winning Heart and Mind Program. It is a platform for the staff and management bond as part of delivery service quality enhancement.
As usual, the Big Boss gave a brief speech. Then, the prize giving ceremony took place. The prize for the Innovation Quiz Winner was in this box. It was heavy. The Big Boss even cracked a joke on this. He said “is it iron in this?”
Guess what? It is an iron. It won my heart but it didn’t win my mind. I was happy but I will be happier if it is a book. Nevertheless, Alhamdulillah… now we have a brand new iron, my husband!

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