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Khamis, 6 Disember 2012

Tomato Seedlings Growing Stronger - Week 3

Sorry the for photos' low quality. I didn't have time to check out the progress of my seedlings during the daytime. Every morning, I left home to work before 8 am and reaches home around 6 pm. Immediately I had to prepare dinner. Dinner must be ready before 7.30 pm or the kids will scream asking to be feed. I am happy though being busy every single day. That's why these photos was taken at night. Right after I finished doing dishes.

The seedlings look great and I noticed their stalk are getting leggy. I also noticed a few of them starting to sprout their next pair of true leaves. I am not sure whether it is too early to feed them with organic fertilizer at this stage. I think it is better for me to wait for another few days or until the next sets of true leaves developed.

These two pots with reserve seedlings look good too. I already told Mr. H, one of the boss in the office that one of these pots will be given to him. He is happy for that. I am going to wait until these seedlings get stronger.

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