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Rabu, 18 April 2012

Baby, you stole my heart once again….

Funny thing happened during our stay in Cameron Highland. Before we depart to Cameron Highland, I bought a small box of baby rusk for my baby. That is because I may be not able to cook or prepare home cook meal for my baby son. It didn’t cross my mind to buy any baby food puree in jar.

6 1/2 months Ahmad Zharif
There, my baby refused to eat mashed baby rusk. Hence, I bought him mashed potatoes without gravy. I omitted the gravy to make sure he didn't take salt at all (or very little unavoidable amount). He refused that too. 

He spit it out the moment the mashed potatoes get into his mouth. He rather stays starving and drinks mother’s milk only. He’s almost 7 month now. Therefore, he needs more than just milk. For your information, my baby had mother’s milk only the 6 month of his life and subsequently move to home cook solid meal along with mother’s milk.

Fortunately, the apartment management where were staying provides a mini pantry complete with cooking facilities. My mother, being so dotting mother brought along a packet of rice. She planned to cook. However, we think it is best not to spend time cooking and try something good to eat here. We are on holiday, right?

Back to my baby, I made him plain rice porridge (since that’s all what we got). He ate and I am happy mother (touched too). My baby boy just wanted to eat his mother’s home cook meal. Baby, you stole my heart once again….(of course the first time is the moment is when I saw him right away when he was born).


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