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Isnin, 16 April 2012

Cameron Highland - Visit to MARDI

Cameron Highland is one of the famous tourist spot in Malaysia. It is mainly popular for its tea plantation and strawberry farms. Other than that, the cool climate which can range from 17 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius has made it very suitable for vegetable farming. This place is also a main attraction for local tourists who mainly came to enjoy the greeneries as well as the cool climate. It is like being in little English county with most of the building were built adapting Tudor architecture or English cottage.  You can get information of it from Cameron Highland Online and Cameron Highland Info .

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to join my mother’s office family day. Each family was given an apartment with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and small kitchen. Desa Anthurium is the place where we spent our days from Friday to Sunday. It was a beautiful place in a valley.

After having breakfast on Saturday morning, we headed to MARDI Research Center. MARDI stands for Malaysia’s Agriculture Research and Development Institute. They also established quite a number of centers in other part of region a Malaysia. We also have been to the one in Langkawi.

It was a beautiful place with many varieties of flowers and plants. My father, a very keen home gardener was anticipated. I was busy taking pictures of the flowers there. It was superb and astounding. Here are some of the photos. I just selected a few of my favorites.

The kitchen garden section


Ladies Shoes on pergola

Beautiful perennials


Orange, yellow and purple chilies



Red Tomatoes

Edible garden

Purple flower


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