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Isnin, 9 April 2012

Chicken, oats, broccoli and chickpeas

My baby son, Zharif is now six month old. He is now ready for solid food. I’ve fully breastfeeding him from the day he was born until today and will continues breastfeeding him until his 2nd birthday. For the past two weeks, he only had single ingredient meal. Rice porridge, carrot puree, pumpkin puree, dates puree and a few others introduced. These are just to introduce him with some basic flavors. Other than that, I just want to make sure that he gets the idea of eating. After a few attempts, he is now ready to be feed. He seems happy whenever he saw me coming with his silicone spoon and weaning bowl in my hand.

Starting this week, I am making him the real food. Meaning to say, I am making him meal with at least with two ingredients. On Saturday, I made him a batch of chicken, oats, broccoli and chickpeas puree. A batch means few portions that can feed him for at least three or four meal times. If the batch made is bigger than that, then it wouldn't be fresh and my son had to eat the same dish for at least more than once. Boring isn't it. Let’s check out the recipe.

¼ cup chickpeas – soak overnight 
¼ cups broccoli
¼ cup oats 
¼ cup chicken meat – minced 
2 teaspoon cooking oil / olive oil / margarine

  1. Boil chickpeas until soft. Save the water. 
  2. Heat oil / margarine in a sauce pan. Stir fry chicken meat until it is half done. 
  3. Add in oats and stir fry until the oats is about to brown. 
  4. Add in water from the chickpeas and broccoli. Let in simmer until the broccoli is almost done and add in the chickpeas. 
  5. Mash to small chunks or puree to your baby liking. Served and chill or freeze the remaining portion.

I prefer not to add to many broccoli. It’s a gassy food for me. I assume that’s applied to my baby too. There’s one incident where I had broccoli and cheese for lunch and I go gassy the whole day. I won’t come out from any channel and I end up throwing up later. Plus, too many broccoli might give unpleasant smell to the food.

I am going to explore more baby food recipe. Good luck me!


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