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Selasa, 17 April 2012

Cameron Highland - Big Red Strawberry Farm

One my favorite spot whenever I’m in Cameron Highland is Big Red Strawberry Farm. This farm is adopting hydroponic agriculture. They have strawberries, butter head lettuce, parsley planted here. They also sell their yield at the farm. 

You can have it fresh or cooked at their café. We had fried strawberry ice-cream, fresh strawberry juice and milk shake, strawberry with yogurt and honey, garden salad with strawberry and coffee. 

They also sell potted ornamental plants and cactus. My father bought two birds of paradise plant. We also bought 11 bulbs of amaryllis. My father got six of them. He gets more because I know he will definitely plant it right away upon arriving home. They also sell seeds but in higher price compared to MARDI’s. Lucky I already bought some at MARDI. However, they have purple cherry tomato seeds. I should have bought the seed since it is rare to find such variety. Nevertheless, thinking that it might have difficulty to survive in this hot and humid weather, I think it would be best not to buy.

Bird of Paradise

My father


Koi pond



Monkey's pot



Tree with red berries


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