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Isnin, 16 April 2012

Cameron Highland - Kea Farm, The Farmers' Market

On the second day of our holiday in Cameron Highland, we went to Kea Farm, a farmers’ market. This is the place where farmers sell their produce. We can get fresh flowers, organic vegetables, strawberries, potatoes, cactus and many others. The produces are fresh and sold in quite a good price. I bought myself a few varieties of potatoes, strawberries, some greens and also pots of cacti. I have nothing much to say. But the picture here speaks a thousand words.

Red juicy strawberries..and sweet too.

Organic broccoli

Organic baby carrots - sweet and tender

Organic potato - honey, purple and orange

Sweet pearl corn, cauliflower and salad



Chrysanthemum ball

The color of summer

Colorful flowers

Purple preserved flower


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