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Khamis, 19 April 2012

Honey sweet potato, Spanish mackerel and applesauce

The first thing that crossed my mind when we arrived home from Cameron Highlands is to prepare Zharif’s meal. There’s only portion of precooked meal left in the freezer from the previous batch. I checked the freezer and I found out we still had a couple of Spanish mackerel meat and an apple. I thought these will be good to go with organic honey sweet potatoes which I bought. 

Since it is organic, it couldn’t stay fresh more than a week. I love this variety of sweet potato. It is sweet and less fibrous. It gives you soft and silky texture when cooked. You can have it baked, fried in flour batter, steamed or mashed. It is indeed a versatile tuber. I made my baby a honey sweet potato, Spanish mackerel and applesauce puree. My baby loves it (even I do too).

1 cup cooked honey sweet potato – without skin 
½ cup apple cubes – without skin (or no sugar apple sauce) 
¼ cup Spanish mackerel meat 
2 tablespoon olive oil

  1. Cook apple cubes in small amount of water until it thoroughly cooked. 
  2. When the water is almost drying, add in olive oil and stir well. Add in the fish meat and let it cooked thoroughly. 
  3. Add in potato and stir well. Add small amount of water if it is too dry. 
  4. Puree or mashed to your baby liking.

I’m thinking to add cinnamon to this recipe the next time I’m making this.


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