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Jumaat, 20 April 2012

Happy 3rd birthday Ameer!

Ameer Zikri - 3 years old

Happy birthday Ameer! It’s your 3rd birthday today. We love you dearly (I know, there are times we yelled at you, we still love your nevertheless). From the day you were born, you’ve transformed us from just a normal couple to a superb mother and father to a boy like you. You are one in a millions (you are the one and only).

Ameer Zikri - hours old

You are a good boy since the day you were born. You hardly cry and that’s makes me one happy mother. There were only two of us. Babah had to go away from for work. You always wanted to sleep with my arms around you and listen to my heartbeats. I had to move around the house with you in my arms, singing lullaby just to bring you to a sound sleep. Though you were a heavy baby then, I missed doing so now.

I missed your first birthday. It was unintentional. I had to go for my military training. I want you to know that I cried hard thinking of you. I remembered of what I said to the instructor. “Sir, I don’t know what is the time now (we are not allowed to wear any time notification devices). All I want to say to my son if he is here is “Happy 1st birthday son, I miss you and I’m sorry…”

Ameer's first baby steps
I even missed you taking your first baby steps. Thanks to my sister who is nice enough taking initiative to upload your video on YouTube. I owed her millions of thanks.

You are a big boy now. You are a brother now. I know you love your brother very much. You are smart boy and still a good boy. You are so bright you can even solve your jigsaw puzzles in minutes. You beat me baby.

Ameer Zikri and Ahmad Zharif

I am wishing happy birthday once again, my boy. Be a smart boy ( and cut off the tantrums hehe). Babah and ibu love you so much…

Now found skill - taking pictures

Forcing ayah ngah to pose


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