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Khamis, 12 April 2012

Sup Tulang Tumis Darat - Stir Fry Beef Bone Broth

Last night we had beef bone broth with spices I stir fried beforehand. This is the second time we had beef bone broth this month. I got my recipe from my mum who always made this broth especially during Aidiladha. I love having it with rice vermicelli and sometimes with egg noodle. Add a dash of chili and soy sauce to your soup, and you may want another round of it. I didn’t add carrot or potato to this recipe. Though both will only subtly affect the taste of the stock, I still prefer to be just beef. My mum usually boils the carrot and potato in in a different pot and served them in a different bowl. Those who prefer vegetables to be in the broth can add them to their bowl.
Before that, this recipe requires beef bone with some meat still on it and a few chunks of meat boil for at least 2 hours. This to make sure the meat is soft and not chewy. 

And also, please REMEMBER these three tips; 
number 1: put salt only after all the ingredients has been put in; 
number 2: boil the stock over medium low heat; and 
number 3: put on the stock pot cover so the heat stays in the pot. 

So, are you ready? Let’s check out the recipe...


Beef stock : 
1kg beef bone and meat chunks 
3 liter water 
1 inch ginger – bashed 
1 stalk lemongrass –  bashed  
3 clove garlic –  bashed  
½ yellow onion 
1 sup bunjut – coriander seed, cumin seed, black pepper corn, cinnamon stick, clove, cardamom pods and star anise wrap in muslin cloth.

This is what inside a sup bunjut - from google

Stir fried spices: 
2 shallots - sliced 
2 cloves garlic - sliced 
½ inch ginger – julienne 
1 cinnamon stick 
1 teaspoon coriander seed 
1 teaspoon black pepper corn – crushed 
6 cloves 
6 cardamom pods 
2 star anise 
Cooking oil for stir frying 
Chinese parsley and scallion – for garnishing

Soy sauce and slice chili

  1. Prepare the beef stock and let it boils over medium low heat and cover the stock pot for at least 2 hours. 
  2. Once the stock is ready, heat some cooking oil in a pan. Stir fry the spices until fragrant and browning. 
  3. Transfer the spices to the stockpot and season with salt and pepper. 
  4. Serve with rice vermicelli, egg noddle or sip it just like that. Add a dash of soy sauce with slice chili for extra flavor.


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